Tips To Finding The Best Web Developer

So, you’ve got a web application or website idea in mind and you need a good developer to help you implement it. With as many as there are to choose from, thanks to the internet, it would seem that it would be pretty easy to find one. However, it’s unfortunately not. There are good web developers and bad ones, and it’s imperative that you are able to differentiate for the sake of your project.

Check Out Their Projects

First, you should check out the projects that the developer has worked on in the past. Request a resume as well as a portfolio. If the developer has a website, check that out as well for past works. Also, assess the developer with a few questions. Have they done work similar to what you need done? Are there plenty of examples provided to give you enough confidence that they can handle your project? Beware of developers that can only present one or two examples.

Watch for Prompt Responses

When corresponding with the developer, be sure to watch for how quickly he/she responds to your emails or returns your phone calls. Quick responses will probably entail a quick turn around time on work done. If you find that the developer takes several hours to respond and doesn’t seem to possess any real passion concerning your project, keep looking.

Make Sure the Developer is Good in Design As Well

Web applications will have a front end, and they also need to be clean and attractive. You will want to make sure the developer has a knack for design as well. It’s best you do not hire a separate person for the design portion of the project. It will make the process more complicated, and it will probably be more costly in the long run.

Beware of Flash Developers

One thing to keep an eye out for is the developer that boasts about having a strong suit in Flash. Flash is on its way out, and many web developers are taking advantage of Javascript, Python, Ruby, and other languages for modern web applications.

Opt for a Company

Companies, such as, are often much stronger fits for web development projects rather than individual proprietors. They are likely to be backed by professional, well-trained staff that have been in the business for multiple years. Additionally, there is only so much that an individual web developer can handle. An actual company can handle large projects in relatively short amounts of time, and the skill sets are versatile across all who work for the company.

Ask About Their Policy on Maintaining the Web Application

Lastly, find a developer who is not opposed to helping you maintain the website or application. Web apps and sites need maintenance and they do break from time to time. The chances are high that you probably can’t fix coding, so you’ll need someone who can regularly modify and work out the bugs in the app/site as needed.

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