Tactical Flashlight Tact9000

The TACT9000 tactical flashlight is one prefect flashlight sold at Survival Fast. The uses for this brilliant device just keep adding up. First, around your home you can always use a powerful and portable flashlight. Need to look under the fridge? Use your Tact9000. Need to look under the hood, in your garage? Use your Tact9000. Have a cottage? You need to ensure you and your family always have light. Never an issue when you have the Tact 9000.

Protect Yourself
You do not want to get caught in the dark. Not in the forest, not in your own home, not on the side of the road, not anywhere. Why not keep a Tact9000 in your car? Just keep this portable tactical flashlight in your glove box and you will always have a very bright flashlight near by.


Protect yourself by carrying the Tact9000 in your hand in any uncomfortable situation. The edge around the lens has been designed to cut through many materials if needed. That means that you can use it as a method of protection or as a deterrent to anybody getting in your way.

Blinding Light
The Tact9000 has 1000 lumens of light at full strength. This is enough to blind a bear in the woods. Not sure who’s coming behind you in the dark? Shine this powerful LED flashlight at them and watch them cower away. This light is so bright you can use it to make car repairs in the dark. Use it to help you change a tire late at night at the side of the highway.

Boats and RVs
If you are the proud owner of a beautiful boat or a magnificent RV you want to keep the Tact9000 close by. Use it in your engine room on your boar, or under the hood in your motor home. Need a portable light to fix a leaky hose. Now you have the perfect tool.

Lightweight & Strong
Made from airplane aluminum this is one strong flashlight. We also keep it light weight so that you can take it almost anywhere. Its great for camping, hiking and even night tobogganing. If you are looking to protect yourself with a portable, sturdy and practical flashlight you want the best product available. The Tact9000 tactical flashlight.

Survival Fast offers a series of practical survival gear to help keep you safe and protect yourself and your family.

Posted: March 23, 2016 / Categories: All, Other Activities
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