Professional Knowledge Base, Integrity And Ethics

Many different types of programs for young people exist and have evolved very quickly over the last few years. Since this profession of schools and programs is relatively new, there is currently not a set of national standards that regulate the industry. It is enormously important that parents choose an educational consultant that travels extensively and is aware of the integrity of schools and programs they choose to offer you as options for your son or daughter. Beyond a substantive knowledge base, you should ask the consultant you choose to demonstrate a level of professional integrity and ethical practice that is genuine and reassuring.

We wish to know your family personally. We also use our mental health and expertise to ask pertinent questions and to immediately assess how we might be of help to your child and your family. Our goal from the first contact is to create a solid foundation for providing the best recommendations.

Should your family be in crisis, we have established a very professional process, sensitive and carefully structured, to promote the best results for each student with whom we work. Time is often of the essence, and we meld our need for detailed information with families’ need not to feel like their time is being taken for granted. However, especially in a time of crisis, consultants are your guides, professionals who take the time to ask a lot of questions not only about your child, but about you. We are well versed in clinical and behavioral issues, child developmental issues and family dynamics If this time is not taken to learn about your child and your family, a great deal of effort and money can be spent only to risk your child’s chance for success.

The value of mental health backgrounds and strong assessment skills
“The process of assessment is not just to count symptoms and proclaim diagnoses but to understand a child’s strengths, as well as weaknesses, in a way that assist in providing support and help”. Sam Goldstein, MD.

Although consultants are experienced clinicians, our role as your educational consultant(s) is not to diagnose. It is to help parents sort the diagnoses or problems already identified. Further, we wish to help make sense of the accompanying behaviors in a way that lead us to a sound clinical and behavioral match for the child and for the family. Through strong assessment skills and years of experience, we are able to help parents identify and assess their child’s level of risk and the types of interventions that might prove successful.

Our commitment to remain involved
Our job begins by being helpful on the first contact and ends long after your child has been placed. We commit to being available to your family long after the crisis subsides and well into your child’s success story.

The expense of hiring an educational consultant
The Internet can be helpful, and we encourage parents to begin with this valuable resource. However, many families now need help sorting through all the choices. The educational consultant will help fill in important information about history and programming that is not contained on all websites. We will guide you to programs that are safe and well respected in the field; our job also includes informing you of those programs that are not.

We use a strength based model
All of us accomplish our goals in life through our strengths and assets. You can expect consultants to listen well and to ask many questions about your child’s strengths and focus on understanding that child from a strength versus a deficit model. We will ask the same type of questions about your family in general. Calling on a consultant to help you through difficult areas in your family’s life is considered a parenting strength, and the focus in working with will lie in how to harness the strength of the family to help the child. We will ask not only about child developmental history, but development of the family, as well, so we can couch behaviors in light of a child’s environment.

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