Online Education: Is India Ready?

India is becoming a frontrunner in terms of investment in education. It is now the leader in outsourcing good number of engineers and managers to other countries taking up the role of higher level post in the company. No doubt, education has become imperative and is the most important sector in developing other major sectors for country’s growth. Students are now getting exposed to varied education options that are developed to help reach education to every corner of the country. Investments, partnerships, initiatives are done to offer best technology and medium to offer education.

Additionally, various government policies and e-learning methods are used to offer education. This has further offered more chance for students to get online education. E-learning has changed the prospective of new age students to get higher studies. Cost-effective, wider reach and creating interest are among many benefits online education has been providing.  In fact, online education is also facilitating global exposure to the students. Students can opt for online MBA courses from foreign universities. Globalization has also touched its hand on education and has become immense successful in reaching wider audience.

Perhaps, this is the reason why online education is becoming next big thing in India. MOOC, Distance learning are some examples how online education is overtaking traditional learning process. Today’s children are tech savvy and understand very well of using digital media for learning process. Getting knowledge through video learning and online assignments creates more interest towards learning. With the help of web tools like message boards, forums and online lectures, students who are shy and hesitant can be empowered by the teachers in classrooms.


Growing Trend of Digital device in classroom:
Many schools and colleges are now using digital devices to teach. Technology is really leading a revolution to change the learning process. Teachers are now using digital screens in classroom, enabling children to get base content. Moreover, with the use of digital content, student engagement towards subject is high. Management institutes offering online MBA courses are ensuring students that they use latest learning technology for their education.

Digitization of Books:
As education is going digital, colleges and even publications are using online tools to release their book and offer it to students for higher studies. For instance, open universities in India are digitizing their curriculum books and making available for students pursuing higher studies. Moreover, National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTL) has launched e-learning course with the initiative by HRD for online course.

Similar to this, there are other online courses offered by educational institutes taking a step ahead in online education.

Learning Content through various Devices:
With the availability of hi-tech multimedia devices, the education sector is becoming a fast developed sector. This has also dramatically changed the teaching and learning method. In fact, with the use of cloud technology teachers can assign assignment and students can submit the same. When such online education methods are used the learning becomes more interesting. Professionals who find hard to attend classroom sessions due to working hours, study devices are the great source to complete the courseware through distance learning.


Rise of Technology Invention for Online Learning:
India is witnessing a rise of online learning technology. The bringing of MOOC and Coursera learning initiative is the prime example. Coursera offers universal access to the world’s best education by partnering with top universities and organisations. All courses offered are completely free and students are offered with verified certificate certifying that a learner has satisfactorily completed all of the assignments and the examinations of a course. The organisation has entered an agreement with India School of Business for partnership and offer management courses.

Similarly, MOOC, which is internationally renowned and have found Indians taking up courses aggressively. The quality of courseware and the tool for online learning has made Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) hit in India. Online course delivery, self-paced learning, student engagement, adaptive and automated assessment leads to remediation of students. MOOC has opened a gateway for students taking up higher education. As it offers free courseware, it has helped millions of young Indian to get higher studies as many unable to afford or gain access to a higher education and secondly there are more applicants than seats in the Indian Universities.

New Entrants:
Over 32% of total 1.1 billion population are between age group of 0-14. India is fast emerging as knowledge based country and the expense on private education is set to increase rapidly. Presently, the K-12 education is worth around $1.2-2 billion and custom learning has seen good takers. With more and more children using tabs and other device, the online learning is going to overtake traditional education. Moreover, new entrants like MOOC and Coursera has made the online education more handy and affordable enough.

The Future of Online Education in India
By June 2014, the use of internet users in India had reached to 243 million which also gives growth of e-learning in India.  In addition to this, digitization of textbooks and availability of e-books coupled with tabs are biggest drivers of online education in India. E-learning has its own benefit, and the most prominent is personalized attention by students towards courses.  In addition to this, e-learning has the ability to reach smaller town of the country.

Online education has the ability to enhance on-campus learning method and flexible teaching method. However, there are certain challenges which e-learning faces.  One of the major challenges is the lack of internet connectivity in rural areas. This doesn’t allow rural students seek higher education facing career issues in future.

However, with the investment done by government and even institutes partnering with international institutes for setting up online education base in India to make the country a promising land for online education.

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