Learn to Succeed

Learn to Succeed improves student achievement by using curricula and methodologies that have a proven track record of effectiveness in core subject areas including literacy and math. We will add a science component soon.

Our tutoring programs are offered after-school, on weekends or during the summer. Students receive approximately 55-60 hours of instruction as part of the after-school and weekend program and 70+ hours of instruction as part of the summer program. Typically, after-school sessions are 2.5 hours in length, weekend sessions are 4.5 hours in length and summer sessions are approximately 5 hours in length. Programs last between 8 and 15 weeks, with students eligible to attend one program per school year.

Learn-to-Succeed is a successful program because it encompasses:

  • Small group instruction
  • Personal learning plans
  • Dedicated and trained instructors
  • Proven instructional approach
  • Engaged parents
  • Student rewards and incentives
  • Nutritious snacks
  • Find out what parents are saying about our program.

Learn-to-Succeed Features and Benefits

Small Group Instruction
Learn-to-Succeed offers instruction in small learning groups, generally between 4-7 students with each instructor. Students are grouped according to skill level and need, allowing instructors to provide personal attention while properly pacing the group to meet achievement goals.

Personal Learning Plans
After reviewing student diagnostic exam data and current grades and, where possible, getting input from the student’s teachers as well as parents, Platform Learning creates a personal learning plan for each student. This plan identifies the student’s specific learning needs and outlines important milestones and goals. The personal learning plan is a detailed roadmap to help a student meet his or her achievement goals.

Dedicated and Trained Instructors
Platform Learning recruits and trains experienced teachers to serve as instructors in the Learn-to-Succeed program. Instructors are chosen based upon a proven track record of effectiveness and commitment to holding all students to the highest academic standards.

Proven Instructional Approach
The curricula and teaching methodologies used in the Learn-to-Succeed program are research-based and integrate instruction for English language learners. The curriculum is aligned to state standards and tailored to emphasize specific topics covered by individual school districts. Students find the materials relevant as well as engaging and challenging. Students are assessed on a regular basis, and progress is continually monitored to ensure that their personal achievement goals are being met.

Engaged Parents
Parents and guardians are actively engaged in the educational process. Each program begins with parent workshops so that parents understand how to support their children in the Learn-to-Succeed program. As part of the program, parents receive several student progress reports as well as take-home workbooks and materials that they can use to support their child’s learning goals.

Nutritious Snacks
Recognizing the importance of good nutrition, Platform Learning provides each student with a healthy snack prior to each tutoring session. Platform Learning believes that providing students with a healthy snack and time to interact with their peers is an effective way to ensure that students have the energy needed to focus.

Student Rewards and Incentives
Rewards and incentives are an important motivational component of the Learn-to-Succeed program. The rewards program is designed to encourage, recognize and reward student attendance, participation and academic improvement. Students have the opportunity to earn rewards throughout the entire Learn-to-Succeed program.

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