How The Internet Has Broken Down The Barriers In Distance Learning

When you gain a degree from a distance learning course, it’s easy to see it as somehow less of an achievement than one from a bricks and mortar university, and only a few decades ago it was true that a degree completed at home had numerous inherent disadvantages that left you studying without real support.

But, as technology has progressed, these disadvantages have disappeared.

With a newfound flexibility heralded by the dawning of the internet, there is now an increase in the potential to communicate with tutors and other students, utilise online materials, books and articles, and send off and receive coursework quickly and easily.

This leap forward in distance learning has made it far easier for you to balance education with your standard work life, and allows for study wherever you want, whenever you want.

And, as long as you can build up a suitable network of peers, the social aspects of forums and Skype can help you feel less lonely in your studies.

It used to be the case that gaining a distance learning degree meant that a tutor and a student were physically far from each other, awaiting communications for days on end through the lengthy yawn of the post. But, now a response is just a few button presses away.

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Posted: November 15, 2013 / Categories: All, Distance Learning, Learning Programs, Online Degree Programs, Online Education, Online Learning
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