Do You Need Coaching Institutes?

With the top institutes of the country conducting entrance exams for admissions to the limited number of seats, the competition is increasing with every passing year. In such a scenario the demand for better coaching institutes is increasing. Everyday new coaching institutes are establishing in the market. Every institute guarantees success and claims to get bigger number of aspirants in their dream colleges. Finding the best coaching institute can be very hard due to high number of choices.

But besides all this, every once in a while we do come across news of students clearing the exam without any coaching. This makes one question whether he needs to join a coaching institute to crack the exam?
Let’s consider the pros and cons of the coaching institute and then answer it for yourself.

Coaching institute provides you the right guidance that covers all the aspects of the exam. The application process, the institutes to consider, other entrance exams, paper format, important areas that must be given importance from the examination point of view etc. Such information though one can get access on his own but it’s easier this way.

Professional teaching methods used by the institutes prepare a student specifically for the exam. Tricks and techniques used by the teachers in the institute help the students greatly.

Regularity is another important thing that is taken care of by the institutes. These institutes provide regular tests and classes thus following a systematic approach of teaching which is necessary for students preparing for the exam.

The most obvious disadvantage of these institutes is that majority of them are not affordable. The fee is expensive and hence aspirants find it difficult to shell out.

Most of the institutes are in the money-making business. These institutes do not have any real concerns about the selections of the students enrolled. None of the institutes guarantee the selection of a candidate. Most of the times the claims made by the institutes about their results are false and inauthentic.

Last word: Whether you join a coaching institute or not what really matters is the amount of effort that you are willing to put in. The more you work hard the better will be the result. So it all comes down to this simple fact that you are responsible for your success or failure. Teachers and coaching institutes may guide you but it’s you who has to act and work on the advice.

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Posted: April 26, 2015 / Categories: All, Professional Learning
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