Choose A Reputed Engineering College To Kick-Start Your Career

As selecting the right engineering college plays a major role in a student’s career, one needs to be very selective while choosing an engineering college. In the following post, you will come across useful tips that will help you to select one of the best engineering colleges in India. Read on…

High scores in JEE exam will not guarantee admission to a reputed engineering college due to the increasing competition. So, once you start applying for admissions in engineering colleges you need to pay attention to a number of factors to short list the best institute.

Admission to engineering colleges is a complicated process and varies according to the type of entrance exam as well as institute use wish to apply. IITs are always the first choice of engineering aspirants, but only few get through the selection process. Therefore, if things do not work out for you at IITJEE, then you should look for the state-level admission tests. Apart from the IITs and NITs, there are well known engineering colleges where you can apply.

Therefore, keeping a number of options in your hand can be a good idea to make sure that you do not end up wasting a year just because you did not plan where to study in case you failed to get into an IIT or NIT.

Factors to look for at the time of admission
Here are some factors that can help you to select one of the best engineering colleges. While location, fee, and ranking are important factors to choose a college, three most important parameters are:

1)     Accreditation and Infrastructure
The college where you apply for admission must be certified by AICTE or NAAC. If you take admission in a college whose courses are affiliated to any one of these bodies, you can be sure of the acceptance of the course in the job market. Accreditation indicates that the college follows the standards and regulations of quality education.

Even if you plan higher studies in your field, the universities verify the course you have studied, college accreditation and its reputation. Admissions are offered to those whose educational degrees are AICTE approved.

2)    Faculty
The faculty plays a vital role in deciding the quality of education. Hence, it is imperative to check faculty experience and qualification. Experienced faculty helps a great deal in offering industrial experience to their students. In this context, student-ratio is important factor to choose any college for admission.

3)    Placements
Have you ever thought why majority of students want to study at the IITs and NITs? Apart from quality education, job placement is one of the important factors. Studying at reputed engineering college creates a perfect platform for high paying job offers at the final year of the degree program. Before finalizing on college selection, it is essential to check the placement record.

This can be done by checking with alumni, college website, campus placement cell, and other relevant online resources. If the record of MNCs and large organizations coming for campus recruitment is good, it is a signal of high placement record. Reputed institutes are active in college-recruiter collaborations to provide their students with excellent placement opportunities.

Final words
You can acquire good knowledge in the branch of engineering in which you specialize only if you start your preparation in a right way. Therefore, joining a right college is the first step to kick-start your career.

Research about colleges to prepare a list of top 10 colleges and start shortlisting them based on different criteria such as faculty, placement and reputation. Once this part is done, visit the official website of each college to know about admission procedure and admission deadline. Therefore, you need to do your homework well in advance.

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