Our Mission

The Freeuni.org Education Network is creating a collective voice for students to help every one of them reach their full potential. Through the Network, families and professionals serving the community are working toward special education reform and striving to preserve student’s state and federal rights to a free, appropriate, public education. By using technology and the Internet to streamline information, we empower families and professionals serving this community to voice opinions and advocate change.

Imagine when you join the Freeuni.org Education Network, you’ll receive Email updates on important issues in the community. Plus, the Network is spearheading projects such as the Free Online Education Committee, to survey the special education programs services offered to young students. We are also developing web-based training and support programs, as well as a Family Assistance Fund that we hope to make available to members in the coming year.

The Freeuni.org Education Network was founded by Michele Waterman, as a result of her own struggle to secure an appropriate education for her son. She has lobbied everyone from the local school board to the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee for special education reform. By creating the Freeuni.org Education Network, she hopes to provide both a resource and a roadmap for other parents navigating the special education system. And just as importantly, help every student to reach his or her full potential.